Xibit is a mixed reality platform that helps brands turn their product presentations, and company story into delightful brand experiences.

Using our cutting edge technology, we help brands increase their traffic by 200%, Dwell time by 40%, and conversion rate by 30%. 

Xibit is trusted by world-class customers and has won amazing awards. Recently we have been selected by McKinsey, TechStars, SAP, and Telekom as the Rising Star of the Year, as well as the top 100 creative solutions by Business Punk.


Abdeljalil Karam
Co-Founder | CPO

Co-Founder and CPO. Serial entrepreneur. Innovation processes expert, and user-centric approaches guru. Renewable Energies Engineer.

Zakaria Jaiathe
Co-Founder | CEO

Co-Founder, CEO and CTO of Xibit. Previously, a technology executive advisor for the SAP leadership in AR/VR.



Put simply, Mixed Reality is a more advanced version of augmented reality, using headsets. It blends both the physical, and digital worlds, and allows advanced immersive interactions using space meshing, hand, and eye tracking for example.
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We are a software company. The hardware is provided by our partners such as Magic Leap and others.

Our platform supports as of now only Magic Leap. We are working on supporting other platforms such as Microsoft Hololens and Nreal.

Our platform supports Magic Leap, Microsoft Hololens, and Nreal.

We do provide a self explaining tutorial in the application that can help anyone understand how it works.

Our solution is design to be intuitive, and user friendly. You can curate your experience in less than 1 min, and interact using natural hand gestures.

The range of content that is supported by our platform is very large: 3D products, 2D/3D videos, sound, 2D/3D text, images.

We also support different types of animations and very complex interactions.

Great quality with high fidelity to the 3D models. Our solution has proven being. successful in very quality demanding industries.

No. You have to provide your own 3D models of your products, and the interactive media that you want to showcase in the experience : videos, pictures, etc.

In event exhibitions, and fairs: to help you stand out, raise traffic to your booth, and achieve a higher dwell time, maximizing your opportunities.
In customer centers: to show how innovative your company is, through an immersive experience you delight your customers with.
In sales meetings: as an experiential presentation tool of products, and brand story, helping raise your conversion rate, and innovative brand perception.

Yes, we support multi-user experiences. Multiple users can use devices to share an experience in the same physical space.

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