We bring interactive Mixed Reality exhibitions to you.

We transform spaces into unique digital art exhibitions

With the support of our cutting edge mixed reality software, we turn premium spaces such as hotels, corporations, fairs, and museums, into immersive digital art exhibitions in no time, where people can intuitively interact with the artwork, and the physical space.

Instantaneaous Setup

Intuitive interaction features

Exhibition analytics

Sharing and streaming

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Our exhibitions provide unique art experiences

Powering innovation through art analytics

We collect data from user interactions and emotional responses to the art works, which we turn into valuable B2B services for your brand or research institution.

We are building an XR platform for digital art

Our XR powered platform connects spaces with 3D digital artists. Your artwork will be exhibited to people in an immersive and interactive way.

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"The feedback was overwhelming, the queues were so long and people left with a lot of laughter and inspiration"
"We have a feeling you’re going to be hearing a lot more about Xibit in the years to come."
"Xibit is not only about exhibiting 3D digital art, but we are also a data platform."
"Seven IoT Startups that are Shaking up Industries"
"New avenues for creativity"
Wanna try Xibit in your space?