We bring art experiences to your space!


Augmented Reality Experiences

What if you could add more to the experienced reality during your event?
We can help you create unforgettable experiences in your event space without moving a single object!

We give you the power to place digital art of your choice on top of your seen space, to inspire your atendees with an unforgettable experience.

Impressions from our latest exhibitions


Play Video

Make your event memorable

Create shared experiences

Enable anyone in your event to share their experience. They can see via headsets, mobile, and streaming screens.

Give your audience souvenirs

Your attendees can record videos, and pictures of their mixed experiences, and reshare it via social media.

Measure engagement

Get insights on how engaged your attendees were with the experience: viewing time, and number of interactions.

Honour your sponsors in 3D

Give visibility to your sponsors, by showing 3D logos of their brands within the mixed reality experience!
Augmented and mixed reality exhibition
  • Default art selection
  • Art curation: Moving art work, Cloud anchors, Rotating art work, Saving the curated exhibition
  • Art Exhibition: Passive art exhibition, hide art behind walls and objects, looking inside art
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  • -
  • -
Augmented and mixed reality exhibition
  • All Basic features
  • Selection of Contemporary, Modern, Digital art
  • Art Exhibition: Interactive exhibition, Grabbing, Scaling, Rotating, Magic push, Cuddling, Flying and breathing, Animated and Video art.
  • Sound features: Attaching sound to art work
  • Social features: Streaming of the art exhibition experience.
Augmented and mixed reality exhibition
  • All Advanced features
  • Branding features: 3D logo of company within the art experience
  • Sound features: AR sound
  • Social features: Taking a picture or video of what people see through the mixed reality experience. Shared user experience.
  • Analytics: Reports on the number of visitors, time per exhibition and artwork.
Augmented and mixed reality exhibition
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*Headsets are not included in our software service offers. However, they can be provided upon request.