Mixed Reality
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It's not mobile Augmented Reality

Augmented reality experiences on mobile have a limited immersion. 3D perspectives, and  interactions are brought to 2D screens.

What we use is not Augmented Reality

Augmented reality experiences on mobile allow limited immersion. 3D perspectives and interactions are brought to 2D screens.

It's not Virtual Reality

In virtual reality experiences, you are not able to see the physical space surrounding you.

It's not Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality creates a simulated environment that is completely immersive. There is no interaction with your own surroundings.

It's Mixed Reality!

Mixed Reality allows you to bring virtual content to your physical environment, and interact with both in advanced ways.

It's Mixed Reality

That’s the forefront of immersive technologies.
It allows your virtual content and physical environment to co-exist and facilitates an interactive experience with both in real time.

We help you

Create interest and engage your partners

Showcase your latest products remotely and securely

Show your partners that your brand is forward thinking and worth their trust

Generate high quality sales leads


Increase in Traffic


Increase in Dwell Time


Increase in conversion rate

Make every point of contact a delight

Sales meetings

Delighted customers are more likely to engage and buy.

Exhibitions and fairs

Novelty drives traffic. Attract and delight your customers with Mixed Reality.

Customer centers

Our inspiring experiences help make your brand experiences stand out.

We are leading
the development of Mixed Reality
for Brand Experiences

We help you turn your brand values into an attractive and engaging experience, and support you to successfully
adopt the technology of the future.

Designed for your convenience

Intuitive human interactions

Users can interact with the 3D content using natural hand gestures.

Any space can be turned into an experience

Any indoor space can be turned into a place for customers to experience with zero logistics.

1 min curation time

Takes less than a minute to curate content in a physical space and have customers ready for the experience.

Cross platform

Our solution works cross platforms, and we help you make the best decisions for future technologic developments.

Notable awards

Xibit won the Rising Star 1st Prize at The Beautiful Software Awards by WLOUNGE

Rising star of the year at the Beautiful Software Awards

Top 100 founders, makers and creators by the famous Business Punk

Xibit won the 1st Prize at Startup Night PItch and Pichters

1st prize at Berlin Startup Night

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