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Passive Art Experience
500 /exhibition

  • Default art content.
  • Experience curation Placing art in any place, in the physical room space.
  • Passive art experience
    Visitors walk around, see both the surrounding physical space, and the art exhibited.


Interactive Art Experience
1500 /exhibition
  • All essential features
  • Select among an extended set of available artworks, from Banksy to Gaud, and other well known artworks.
  • Interactive art experience
    Visitors can touch art, and use their hands to hold it, and manipulate it in a magical way.
  • Sound & Space interaction Sound will be attached to the art work, and visitors can only hear it, once they approach the artwork.



Memorable Art Experience
3000 /exhibition
  • All advanced features.
  • AR Branding 3D Logos of brands. They could be placed in the art exhibition, providing a unique, and memorable brand experience for your audience.
  • Instagrammable AR. Providing pictures of what users see so that they can share it later on social media.
  • Engagement analytics.
    Report on how many people have engaged with the experience, and how many have looked at your logo and for how much time.


Unique Experience
  • We use our expertise in XR technologies to help you provide even a more unique experience to your customers and target audience.

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